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Pretty. Sexy. You set the limits. your privacy and comfort are paramont. Themes encouraged. Pinup. Sports. Culture. Boudoir photography is about creating something sexy for that special someone. Everyone is different, so every boudoir shoot is different. What is sexy to one person is too trashy or too tame to someone else. I'll work with you to create a glamour shoot that will say exactly what you want to say. Not only is the final product great, but the process itself is fun. I'll give you a detailed questionnaire on what you are looking for with information to make the biggest impact on the person you are giving this too. We'll help you plan out what to wear or what not to. You'll get your make up professionally done. Professional lighting and styling will hide your flaws and [] enhance your charms.

Includes: 3 hrs shooting. One makeup look from my MUA included. Unlimited clothing changes. At least 10 images retouched. Web sized images. Video Slide Show like the one above - $9 One Standard Deliverable of your choice. (Photo Book, 12 Month Calendar , Digital Photo Frame(+$100) Cost: $700 Add Ons: Photo Book 12 Month Calendar Video Slide Show like the one above - $9 DVD of Video Slide Show - $19 Digital Photo Frame - $200
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